Troubleshooting tips

  • Apache HTTP error_log is your friend.
       - The first place to diagnose (if all CFE processes plus mongod are up and running) is
       RHEL 5,6 / CentOS 5
       * /var/log/httpd/error_log
       SLES 11 / OpenSuSE 11 / Debian 5,6 / Ubuntu 8,10
       * /var/log/apache2/error_log

    This log file will often provide useful information on which components are not operating properly.

  • Some report pages return HTTP error 404
       - Confirm that Apache REWRITE module is ON. Restarting httpd/apache2 service is required if rewrite was disabled.

  • Cannot log in at the first time to the Mission Portal
       - Initialising MongoDB authentication for a default user is required. Simply run the command below;
           $ /var/cfengine/bin/mongo --quiet phpcfengine /var/cfengine/share/GUI/phpcfenginenova/export.js
           $ /var/cfengine/bin/mongo --quiet cfreport /var/cfengine/share/GUI/api/mongo-initialize.js

    The default user is
       username: admin
       password: admin

  • There are no pre-defined SQL queries on the SQL Reports page
       - Please run the following command:
            $ /var/cfengine/bin/mongo --quiet phpcfengine /var/cfengine/share/GUI/phpcfenginenova/sql_reports.js

  • Cannot send emails via the Mission Portal (emailing reports does not work)
       - Please edit the email configuration to suit your setup in <DOCROOT>/application/config/email.php

  • Knowledge map remains unpopulated
       - This problem can be fixed by these following commands;
       RHEL 5,6 / CentOS 5,6
       $ /var/cfengine/bin/cf-promises -r && /var/cfengine/bin/cf-know -f /var/www/html/docs/ -b
       SLES 11 / OpenSuSE 11
       $ /var/cfengine/bin/cf-promises -r && /var/cfengine/bin/cf-know -f /srv/www/htdocs/docs/ -b
       Debian 6 / Ubuntu 8,10,12
       $ /var/cfengine/bin/cf-promises -r && /var/cfengine/bin/cf-know -f /srv/www/docs/ -b

  • IP-addresses are showing instead of hostnames in the Mission Portal
       - CFEngine does a reverse lookup to determine host names, please make sure to specify the reverse lookup of the ip-addresses on the DNS server.


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