cf-runagent does not run on HP-UX

If you are running 3.5.x version of CFEngine on HP-UX machines, cf-runagent will not work OOTB. There was an error on bundled CFEngine policy.

You might simply modify your `masterfiles/controls/` like the following;

-  cfruncommand => "/bin/sh -c \"SHLIB_PATH=\"/var/cfengine/lib-twin\" $(sys.cf_twin) -f $(sys.workdir)/inputs/\" ; $(sys.cf_agent)";
+  cfruncommand => "/usr/bin/sh -c \"SHLIB_PATH=\"/var/cfengine/lib-twin\" $(sys.cf_twin) -f $(sys.workdir)/inputs/\" ; $(sys.cf_agent)";

then add a promise under access: type

       handle => "server_access_grant_access_shell_cmd_hpux",
      comment => "Grant access to shell for cfruncommand on HP-UX",
        admit => { "$(sys.policy_hub)" };


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