Overview - CFEngine versions and resources

CFEngine versions:

Open Source "Community Version" --offered as source code and pre-packaged for some Linux distributions.

CFEngine Enterprise -- with professional support, built-in reporting and host monitoring, pre-made packages for a large variety of platforms, including Linux, Solaris, AIX, BSD, Mac, Windows etc.

Free Enterprise, fully featured release of our commercial Enterprise software, limited to 25 hosts.

For a full overview and links to, please go to: https://cfengine.com/what-is-cfengine


CFEngine Design Center

Our community and repository for pre-made CFEngine policies, easily deployed using cf-sketch. https://cfengine.com/cfengine-design-center


CFEngine pre-production releases and development blogs

Keep track of our pre-production releases and blog posts on future functionality direct from our development team: https://cfengine.com/blog/tag/Development

 (pre-production releases are made available with the regular Enterprise packages, see article https://cfengine.zendesk.com/entries/23358222-Where-to-find-CFEngine-Enterprise-packages)


CFEngine public support/forum and mailing list

Please go to https://groups.google.com/d/forum/help-cfengine

CFEngine Commercial Support

Commercial Enterprise customers can enter confidential support tickets that will be handled by CFEngine engineers, login and click "Submit a request' at the top menu bar of this page.


Contacting CFEngine

If you are a commercial Enterprise customer, you may open a support ticket for any query you may have, or you can contact your sales representative in CFEngine. You can also contact us at contact@cfengine.com for general inquires.


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