CFEngine 3 Enterprise 3.6.1 released!topic/help-cfengine/-Ea0tiv5LmQ

To download packages, feel free to follow this link;
(older release)


        New features:
        - Introduced Solaris and AIX support into the 3.6 series, with many associated build and
          bug fixes.

        - Short-circut evaluation of classes promises if class is already set (Redmine #5241)
        - fix to assume all non-specified return codes are failed in commands promises (Redmine #5986)
        - cf-serverd logs reconfiguration message to NOTICE (was INFO) so that it's always logged in syslog

Bug fixes:
        - File monitoring has been completely rewritten (changes attribute in files promise), which
          eliminates many bugs, particularly regarding files that are deleted. Upgrading will keep
          all monitoring data, but downgrading again will reinitialize the DB, so all files will be
          reported as if they were new. (Redmine #2917)
        - $(this.promiser) expands in files promises for 'transformer', 'edit_template',
          'copy_from.source', 'file_select.exec_program', 'classes' and 'action' bodies
          (Redmine #1554, #1496, #3530, #1563)
        - 'body changes' notifies about disappeared files in file monitoring (Redmine #2917)
        - Fixed CFEngine template producing a zero sized file (Redmine #6088)
        - Add 0-9 A-Z _ to allowed context of module protocol (Redmine #6063)
        - Extend ps command column width and prepend zone name on Solaris
        - Fixed strftime() function on Solaris when called with certain specifiers.
        - Fixed users promise bug regarding password hashes in a NIS/NSS setup.
        - Fixed $(sys.uptime), $(sys.systime) and $(sys.sysday) in AIX. (Redmine #5148, #5206)
        - Fixed processes_select complaining about "Unacceptable model uncertainty examining processes" (Redmine #6337)
        - ps command for linux has been changed to cope with big rss values (Redmine #6337)
        - Address ps -axo shift on FreeBSD 10 and later (Redmine #5667)
        - methods and services promises respect action_policy => "warn" (Redmine #5924)
        - LMDB should no longer deadlock if an agent is killed on the hub while holding the DB lock.
          Note that the change only affects binary packages shipped by CFEngine, since the upstream
          LMDB project has not yet integrated the change. (Redmine #6013)

        - Changes to logging output
            - add process name and pid in syslog message (GitHub #789)
            - cf-serverd logging levels are now more standardised:
                  - INFO logs only failures
                  - VERBOSE logs successful requests as well
                  - DEBUG logs actual protocol traffic.
            - cf-serverd now logs the relevant client IP address on
              each message.
            - Logging contexts to local database (cf_classes.tcdb) has been deprecated.
            - 'usebundle' promisees are logged for all the bundle promises
            - output from 'reports' promises has nothing prefixed except 'R: '
            - a log line with stack path is generated when the promise type evaluated changes
        - LMDB ( is the default database for local data storage : use version 0.9.9 or later
          cf-agent --self-diagnostics (-x) is only implemented for TCDB, not for LMDB
        - port argument in readtcp() and selectservers() may be a
          service name (e.g. "http", "pop3").
        - Enable source file in agent copy_from promises to be a relative path.
- file "changes" reporting now reports with log level "notice", instead of "error".
        - process_results default to AND'ing of set attributes if not specified (Redmine #3224)
        - interface is now canonified in sys.hardware_mac[interface] to align with
          sys.ipv4[interface] (Redmine #3418)
        - cf-promises no longer errors on missing bodies when run without --full-check (-c)
        - Linux flavor "SUSE" now correctly spelled with all uppercase in variables and class names
          (Redmine #3734). The "suse" lowercase version is also provided for convenience (Redmine #5417).
        - $(this.promise_filename) and $(..._dirname) variables are now absolute paths. (Redmine #3839)
        - including the same file multiple times in 'body control inputs' is not an error
        - portnumber in body copy_from now supports service names like
          "cfengine", "pop3" etc, check /etc/services for more.
        - The policy, run on bootstrap and in some other
          unusual cases, has been extracted from C code into libpromises/
        - masterfiles
            - cf_promises_validated is now in JSON format
            - timestamp key is timestamp (sec since unix epoch) of last time validated
            - the masterfiles now come from and are
              not in the core repository
        - cf-serverd calls cf-agent with -Dcfruncommand when executing cf-runagent requests
      - Mark as removed: promise_notkept_log_include, promise_notkept_log_exclude, promise_repaired_log_include,
        promise_repaired_log_exclude, classes_include, classes_exclude, variables_include,
        variables_exclude attributes from report_data_select body (syntax is valid but not functional).
        They have been replaced by the following attributes: promise_handle_include,
        promise_handle_exclude, metatags_include, metatags_exclude.

        New features:
        - New promise type "users" for managing local user accounts.
        - TLS authentication and fully encrypted network protocol.
          Additions specific to the new type of connections:
            - New attribute "allowlegacyconnects" in body server control,
              which enables serving policy via non-latest cfengine protocol,
              to the given list of hosts. If the option is absent, it
              defaults to allow all hosts. To refuse non-TLS connections,
              specify an empty list.
            - New attribute "protocol_version" in body copy_from, and body
              common control, which defines the preferred protocol for
              outgoing connections.. Allowed values at the moment: "0" or
              "undefined", "classic" or "1", "latest" or "2". By leaving the
              copy_from option as undefined the common control option is
              used, and if both are undefined then classic protocol is used
              by default.
            - The new networking protocol uses TLS for authentication,
              after which all dialog is encrypted within the established
              TLS session. cf-serverd is still able to speak the legacy
              protocol with old agents.
            - The 'skipverify' option in 'body server control' is
              deprecated and only left for compatibility; it does
            - cf-serverd does not hang up the connection if some request
              fails, so that the client can add more requests.
            - For the connections using the new protocol, all of the
              paths in bundle server access_rules now differentiate
              between a directory and a file using the trailing
              slash. If the path exists then this is auto-detected and
              trailing slash appended automatically. You have to append
              a trailing slash manually to an inexistent or symbolic
              path (e.g. "/path/to/$(connection.ip)/") to force
              recursive access.
        - New in 'access' promises for 'bundle server access_rules'
            - Attributes "admit_ips", "admit_hostnames", "admit_keys",
              "deny_ips", "deny_hostnames", "deny_keys"
            - "admit_keys" and "deny_keys" add the new functionality
              of controlling access according to host identity,
              regardless of the connecting IP.
            - For these new attributes, regular expressions
              are not allowed, only CIDR notation for "admit/deny_ips", exact
              "SHA=..." strings for "admit/deny_keys", and exact hostnames
              (e.g. "") or subdomains (starting with dot,
              e.g. "") for "admit/deny"_hostnames. Same rules
              apply to 'deny_*' attributes.
            - These new constaints and the paths in access_rules, can contain
              special variables "$(connection.ip)", "$(connection.hostname)",
              "$(connection.key)", which are expanded dynamically for every
              received connection.
            - For connections using the new protocol, "admit" and "deny"
              constraints in bundle server access_rules are being phased
              out, preferred attributes are now "admit_ips", "deny_ips",
              "admit_hostnames", "deny_hostnames", "admit_keys",
            - New "shortcut" attribute in bundle server access_rules used to
              dynamically expand non-absolute request paths.
        - masterfiles
                - standard library split: lib/3.5 (compatibility) and lib/3.6 (mainline)
                - many standard library bundles and bodies, especially packages- and file-related,
                  were revised and fixed
                - supports both Community and Enterprise
                - new 'inventory/' structure to provide OS, dmidecode, LSB, etc. system inventory
                  (configured mainly in
                - cf_promises_release_id contains the policy release ID which is the GIT HEAD SHA
                  if available or hash of tree
                - a bunch'o'bundles to make starting with CFEngine easier:
                - file-related: file_mustache, file_mustache_jsonstring, file_tidy, dir_sync, file_copy,
              file_link, file_hardlink, file_empty, file_make
                - packages-related: package_absent, package_present, package_latest,
              package_specific_present, package_specific_absent, package_specific_latest, package_specific
                - XML-related: xml_insert_tree_nopath, xml_insert_tree, xml_set_value, xml_set_attribute
                - VCS-related: git_init, git_add, git_checkout, git_checkout_new_branch,
              git_clean, git_stash, git_stash_and_clean, git_commit, git
                - process-related: process_kill
                - other: cmerge, url_ping, logrotate, prunedir
        - New command line options for agent binaries
            - New options to cf-promises
                - '--show-classes' and '--show-vars'
                - '--eval-functions' controls whether cf-promises should evaluate functions
            - Colorized output for agent binaries with command line option '--color'
              (auto-enabled if you set CFENGINE_COLOR=1)
        - New language features
            - New variable type 'data' for handling of structured data (ie JSON),
              including supporting functions:
                - 'data_readstringarray' - read a delimited file into a data map
                - 'data_readstringarrayidx' - read a delimited file into a data array
                - 'datastate' - create a data variable with currently set classes and variables
                - 'datatype' - determine the type of the top element of a container
                - 'format' - %S can be used to serialize 'data' containers into a string
                - 'mergedata' - merge two data containers, slists/ilists/rlists, or "classic"
                  arrays into a data container
                - 'parsejson' - create a data container from a JSON string
                - 'readjson' - create a data container from a file that contains JSON
                - 'storejson' - serialize a data container into a string
                - Most functions operating on lists can also operate on data containers
                - pass a data container to a bundle with the @(container) notation
                - the module protocol accepts JSON for data containers with the '%' sigil
            - Tagging of classes and variables allows annotating of language construct with
              meta data; supporting functionality:
                - The module protocol in 'commands' promises has been extended to allow setting
                  of tags of created variables and classes, and the context of created variables
                - 'getclassmetatags' - returns list of meta tags for a class
                - 'getvariablemetatags' - returns list of meta tags for a variable
            - 'body file control' has an 'inputs' attribute to include library files and other
            - bundlesequences can be built with bundlesmatching() based on bundle name and tags
        - New attributes in existing promise types and bodies
            - New option 'preserve_all_lines' for insert_type in insert_lines promises
            - Caching of expensive system functions to avoid multiple executions of
              execresult() etc, can be controlled via cache_system_functions attribute in
              body common control
            - New option 'mailsubject' in body executor control allows defining the subject
              in emails sent by CFEngine
            - Support for Mustache templates in 'files' promises; use 'template_method' and
              'template_data' attributes. Without 'template_data' specified, uses datastate().
        - New and improved functions
            - 'bundlesmatching' - returns list of defined bundles matching a regex and tags
            - 'canonifyuniquely' - converts a string into a unique, legal class name
            - 'classesmatching' - returns list of set classes matching a regex and tags
            - 'eval' - evaluates mathematical expressions; knows SI k, m, g quantifiers, e.g. "100k"
            - 'findfiles' - list files matching a search pattern; use "**" for recursive searches
            - 'makerule' - evaluates whether a target file needs to be rebuilt from sources
            - 'max', 'min' - returns maximum and minimum of the numbers in a container or list
              (sorted by a 'sort' method)
            - 'mean' - returns the mean of the numbers in a container or list
            - 'nth' - learned to look up by key in a data container holding a map
            - 'packagesmatching' - returns a filtered list of installed packages.
            - 'readfile' - learned to read system files of unknown size like those in /proc
            - 'sort' - can sort lexicographically, numerically (int or real), by IP, or by MAC
            - 'string_downcase', 'string_upcase' - returns the lower-/upper-case version of a
            - 'string_head', 'string_tail' - returns the beginning/end of a string
            - 'string_length' - returns the length of a string
            - 'string_reverse' - reverses a string
            - 'string_split' - improved implementation, deprecates 'splitstring'
            - 'variablesmatching' - returns a list of variables matching a regex and tags
            - 'variance' - returns the variance of numbers in a list or container
        - New hard classes
            - Introduced alias 'policy_server' for context 'am_policy_hub' (the latter will
              be deprecated)
            - all the time-based classes have GMT equivalents
        - New variables
            - 'sys.bindir' - the location of the CFEngine binaries
            - 'sys.failsafe_policy_path' - the location of the failsafe policy file
            - 'sys.inputdir' - the directory where CFEngine searches for policy files
            - 'sys.key_digest' - the digest of the host's cryptographic key
            - 'sys.libdir', 'sys.local_libdir' - the location of the CFEngine libraries
            - 'sys.logdir' - the directory where the CFEngine log files are saved
            - 'sys.masterdir' - the location of masterfiles on the policy server
            - 'sys.piddir' - the directory where the daemon pid files are saved
            - 'sys.sysday' - the number of days since the beginning of the UNIX epoch
            - 'sys.systime' - the number of seconds since the beginning of the UNIX epoch
            - 'sys.update_policy_path' - the name of the update policy file
            - 'sys.uptime' - the number of minutes the host has been online
            - 'this.promise_dirname' - the name of the file in which the current promise
              is defined
            - 'this.promiser_uid' - the ID of the user running cf-agent
            - 'this.promiser_gid' - the group ID of the user running cf-agent
            - 'this.promiser_ppid' - the ID of the parent process running cf-agent

        - 'splitstring' - deprecated by 'string_split'
        - 'track_value'
        - 'skipverify'

        Bug fixes: for a complete list of fixed bugs, see Redmine at
        - various fixes in evaluation and variable resolution
        - Improve performance of list iteration (Redmine #1875)
        - Removed limitation of input length to internal buffer sizes
            - directories ending with "/" are not ignored
            - lsdir() always return a list now, never a scalar
        - 'abortclasses' fixed to work in common bundles and other cases
        - namespaced 'edit_line' bundles now work (Redmine#3781)
        - lists are interpolated in correct order (Redmine#3122)
        - cf-serverd reloads policies properly when they change
        - lots of leaks (memory and file descriptor) fixed



Bug fixes:
- fix cf-monitord crash due to incorrect array initialization (Redmine #3180)
- fix cf-serverd stat()'ing the file tree every second (Redmine #3479)
- correctly populate sys.hardware_addresses variable (Redmine #2936)
- add support for Debian's GNU/kfreebsd to build system (Redmine #3500)
- fix possible stack corruption in guest_environments promises (Redmine #3552)
- work-around hostname trunctation in HP-UX's uname (Redmine #3517)
- fix body copy purging of empty directories (Redmine #3429)
- make discovery and loading of avahi libraries more robust
- compile and packaging fixes for HP-UX, AIX and Solaris
- fix fatal error in lsdir() when directory doesn't exist (Redmine #3273)
- fix epoch calculation for stime inrange calculation (Redmine #2921)
Enterprise-specific changes:
Bug fixes:
- purge old data for promises with long promise handles (Redmine #3438)
- fix constraint violation in PromiseDefinitions table which resulted in error everytime this table was loaded
- enable update of promise definitions database from policy
- fix cfengine3 init.d script to correctly detect debian systems with yum installed

Mission Portal:
- various layout and UI fixes
- fix editing of event trackers
- speed up listing of hosts for promises not kept - maintain host context (Redmine #3474)
- ability to manually add context filter in the SQL app (Redmine #3466)
- host identifier settings simplified (Redmine #3101)

Packaging fixes:
- Correct php.ini path in the packaged httpd (Redmine #3445)
- Add missing mongodb tools in ubuntu/debian hub packages (Redmine #3444)
- Fix manpath error for SLES (Redmine #3539)
- Fix file permissions - some policy files had executable bit set (Redmine #3521)


       Bug fixes:
       - fix delayed abortclasses checking (Redmine #2316, #3114, #3003)
       - fix maplist arguments bug (Redmine #3256)
       - fix segfaults in cf-pomises (Redmine #3173, 3194)
       - fix build on Solaris 10/SmartOS (Redmine #3097)
       - sanitize characters from /etc/issue in sys.flavor for Debian (Redmine #2988)
       - Fix segfault when dealing with files or data > 4K (Redmine #2912, 2698)
       - Don't truncate keys to 126 characters in getindices (Redmine #2626)
       - files created via log_* actions now have mode 600 (Redmine #1578)
       - fix wrong log message when a promise is ignored due to 'ifvarclass' not matching
       - fix lifetime of persistent classes (Redmine #3259)
       - fix segfault when process_select body had no process_result attribute
         Default to AND'ed expression of all specified attributes (Redmine #3224)
       - include system message in output when acl promises fail
       - fix invocation of standard_services bundle and corresponding promise compliance (Redmine #2869)


       - file changes are logged with log level Notice, not Error
       - the CFEngine Standard Library in masterfiles/libraries is now split into
         promise-type specific policy files, and lives in a version-specific directory.
         This should have no impact on current code, but allows more granular include of
         needed stdlib elements (Redmine #3044)
       Bug fixes:
       - fix recursive copying of files (Redmine #2965)
       - respect classes in templates (Redmine ##2928)
       - fix timestamps on Windows (Redmine #2933)
       - fix non-root cf-agent flooding syslog (Redmine #2980)
       - fix email flood from cf-execd due to timestamps in agent output (Redmine #3011)
       - Preserve security context when editing or copying local files (Redmine #2728)
       - fix path for sys.crontab on redhat systems (Redmine #2553)
       - prevent incorrect "insert_lines promise uses the same select_line_matching anchor" warning (Redmine #2778)
       - Fix regression of setting VIPADDRESS to (Redmine #3010)
       - Fix "changes" promise not receiving status when file is missing (Redmine #2820)
       - Fix symlinks being destroyed when editing them (Redmine #2363)
       - Fix missing "promise kept" status for the last line in a file (Redmine #2943)


       New features:
       - classes promises now take an optional scope constraint.
       - new built-in functions: every, none, some, nth, sublist, uniq, filter
         - every
         - none
         - some
         - nth
         - sublist
         - uniq
         - filter
         - classesmatching
         - strftime
         - filestat
         - ifelse
         - maparray
         - format
       - cf-promises flag --parse-tree is replaced by --policy-output-format=, requiring the
          user to specify the output format (none, cf, json)
       - cf-promises allows partial check of policy (without body common control) without integrity check;
          --full-check enforces integrity check
       - agent binaries support JSON input format (.json file as generated by cf-promises)
       - cf-key: new options --trust-key/-t and --print-digest/-p
       - Class "failsafe_fallback" is defined in when main policy contains errors and
         failsafe is run because of this
       - add scope attribute for body classes (Redmine #2013)
       - Better diagnostics of parsing errors
       - Error messages from parser now show the context of error
       - new cf-agent option: --self-diagnostics
       - new output format, and --legacy-output
       - warnings for cf-promises.
       - Enable zeroconf-discovery of policy hubs for automatic bootstrapping
         if Avahi is present
       - Support for sys.cpus on more platforms than Linux & HPUX
       - parser no longer allows ',' after promiser or promisee. must be either ';' or lval
       - Make parser output in GCC compatible format the only supported format
         (remove --gcc-brief-format flag)
       - Silence license warnings in Enterprise Free25 installations
       - action_policy => "warn" causes not_kept classes to be set on promise needing repair.
       - command line option version (-V) now prints a shorter parsable version without graphic
       - implicit execution of server and common bundles taking arguments is skipped in cf-serverd.
       - WARNING: option --policy-server removed, require option to --bootstrap instead
       - process promises don't log if processes are out of range unless you
         run in verbose mode
       - reports promises are now allowed in any context (Redmine #2005)
       - cf-report has been removed
       - cf-execd: --once implies --no-fork
       - Version info removed from mail subject in the emails sent by cf-execd.
         The subject will only contain "[fqname/ipaddress]" instead of "communnity/nova [fqname/ipaddress]"
         Please change your email filters accordingly if necessary.
       - "outputs" promise type is retired. Their semantics was not clear, and the functionality
         is better suited for control body setting, not a promise.
       - Tokyo Cabinet databases are now automatically checked for
         correctness during opening. It should prevent a number of issues
         with corrupted TC databases causing binaries to hang.
       - Improved ACL handling on Windows, which led to some syntax changes. We now consistently
         use the term "default" to describe ACLs that can be inherited by child objects. These
         keywords have received new names:
           acl_directory_inherit -> acl_default
            specify_inherit_aces -> specify_default_aces
         The old keywords are deprecated, but still valid. In addition, a new keyword
         "acl_inherit" controls inheritance behavior on Windows. This feature does not exist on
         Unix platforms. (Redmine #1832)
       - Networking code is moved from libpromises to its own library,
         libcfnet. Work has begun on making the API more sane and thread-safe.
         Lots of legacy code was removed.
       - Add getaddrinfo() replacement in libcompat (borrowed from PostgreSQL).
       - Replace old deprecated and non thread-safe resolver calls with
         getaddrinfo() and getnameinfo().
       - Hostname2IPString(), IPString2Hostname() are now thread-safe, and are
         returning error when resolution fails.
       - Running cf-execd --once now implies --no-fork, and also does not wait
         for splaytime to pass.
       - execresult(), returnszero() and commands promises no longer requires the first word
         word to be an absolute path when using the shell. (Part of Redmine #2143)
       - commands promises useshell attribute now accepts "noshell" and "useshell" values. Boolean
         values are accepted but deprecated. (Part of Redmine #2143)
       - returnszero() now correctly sets the class name in this scenario (Part of
         Redmine #2143):
             "commandfailed" not => returnszero("/bin/nosuchcommand", "noshell");
       - bundles are allowed to be empty (Redmine #2411)
       - Fixed '.' and '-' not being accepted by a commands module. (Redmine #2384)
       - Correct parsing of list variables by a command module. (Redmine #2239)
       - Fixed issue with package management and warn. (Redmine #1831)
       - Fixed JSON crash. (Redmine #2151)
       - Improved error checking when using fgets(). (Redmine #2451)
       - Fixed error message when deleting nonexistent files. (Redmine #2448)
       - Honor warn-only when purging from local directory. (Redmine #2162)
       - Make sure "restart" and "reload" are recognized keywords in packages. (Redmine #2468)
       - Allocate memory dynamically to avoid out-of-buffer or out-of-hash
       - fix edit_xml update of existing attributes (Redmine #2034)
       - use failsafe policy from compile-time specified workdir (Redmine #1991)
       - ifvarclass checked from classes promises in common bundles
       - do not wait for splaytime when executing only once
       - disable xml editing functionality when libxml2 doesn't provide necessary APIs (Redmine #1937)
       - Out-of-tree builds should work again, fixed a bunch of related bugs.
       - Fixed race condition in file editing. (Redmine #2545)
       - Fixed memory leak in cf-serverd and others (Redmine #1758)


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