CFEngine upgrade on HP-UX

CFEngine has a self-upgrade mechanism for agents, so that when new versions are released, you can simply drop a package into /var/cfengine/master_software_updates on the server, adjust some policy and the agents will self-upgrade. More information is found in the upgrade documentation.

However, the self-upgrade mechanism is currently not supported for the HP-UX platform, so a workaround policy for this is provided here.

Note that this workaround will only work if you upgrade to CFEngine 3.6.6 or later due to hpux changes in

  1. Follow the upgrade documentation to update the masterfiles and hub.

  2. Add the file (attached to this article) to your update/ directory in masterfiles (location varies by CFEngine version).

  3. Make sure the CFEngine version in is the version you are upgrading to.

  4. Open and include the hpux upgrade policy by adding bundle  "upgrade_to_latest", and policy file "update/".

  5. Define trigger upgrade as normal to cover hpux also in the upgrade documentation.


You can verify successful upgrade by looking at the Mission Portal inventory report or locally by running /var/cfengine/bin/cf-agent -V.


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